About Synergy Venuefinders free venue finding service

Synergy Venuefinders was “born” at the beginning of 2005.
With a combined total of over twenty years service in the hotel industry, and working for other venue-finding agents, we firmly believe that this enables us to deliver a first-class venue-finding service with the highest levels of customer service.

To this day, our number one focus is on providing a first-class service to our clients, and even as business grows, and Synergy Venuefinders develops, this will remain our policy. Every booking we undertake is guaranteed with this same assurance.

As well as offering an accommodation booking service, both in the UK and worldwide, we offer a free venue-finding service for conferences, meetings and special events, product launches, seminars, training events, incentive travel, and team-building events.

Our service is completely free of charge to our clients, and so that you are left with no doubt as to how we can do this, we will briefly explain:

Rather like visiting a travel agent to book your Summer holiday, when you send us details of your hotel accommodation booking or meeting and event requirements, we get to work on finding suitable venues (obviously, the more information you can give us concerning dates, location, style of property, budget etc will also help to speed up the venue-finding service). We assist in the confirmation and organisation process if you would like us to, and finally, after the event has taken place (and again, rather like a travel agent), we claim a commission from the venue we book.

And, in case you are left wondering how we can negotiate such highly competitive rates, and why we don’t “load” the rates we quote you to allow for the commission we claim, we don’t!

Venuefinders like us have a massive amount of buying power, and it has been estimated that they place well in excess of £100m of business into hotels and other venues per year!

This does of course mean that we are often in a better negotiating position than if you approached the venues directly.

We know that there are some venuefinders and hotel-booking agents out in the market who do charge “monthly management” or “booking fees”, but we do not. We firmly believe that this is one of the very substantial benefits our clients have when they use our FREE venue-finding and hotel accommodation booking service.

If you are unsure as to how Synergy Venuefinders can help you when making your hotel-bookings, and for more proof on how we have helped clients before, then why not visit our “Testimonials” page.

So, now you know how we work, RELAX, and call us on:07905898460 or email us to see how we can help you plan the perfect event sales@synergyvenuefinders.co.uk ?



"The majority of our events involve entertaining our biggest and most important customers so it's crucial that everything is absolutely perfect. "
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