Why choose Synergy Venuefinders

Well, quite simply because we are the venue-finding specialist, and we care!!!

Here at Synergy Venuefinders, we know that you, the organiser, are often neglected.

Our rewards programme is designed with this in mind, and is open to anyone who uses us to make their bookings. It is easy to follow, and with no obligation, we feel it is a great way for us to say "Thank You" for booking with us.

The programme works as follows:

     - At the end of each quarter, we add up the total (nett) amount of business that you
       have placed with us for that quarter;
     - We then calculate the amount of vouchers you have accrued using the table below,
       and we send them out to you so you can enjoy spending them as you wish;
     - Don't worry if you don't reach the first £300 target in any given quarter, as we will
       keep a record of the business you have placed and carry it over to the next quarter;


£300 - £1000   = £ 5.00 gift voucher
£1000 - £2000 = £10.00 gift voucher
£2000 - £3000 = £15.00 gift voucher
£3000 - £4000 = £20.00 gift voucher
£4000 - £5000 = £25.00 gift voucher
...  over £5000 = £30.00 gift voucher

(all targets are based on the nett value of commissionable business booked)

You can also choose which vouchers you would like to receive:
Marks and Spencer, Next or Boots!

M & S

So, what's stopping you from choosing to use Synergy Venuefindes when making your hotel bookings?

They say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating ...
... and if we haven't convinced you yet, then why not read what our client testimonials say about us ...


"Joanne will always find a good selection of hotels in your required area for you to choose from, you receive a booking form on email and she is also very efficient at reminding me if I've left something "open". "
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